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For sale: new, authentic Christian Louboutin men's shoes. This iconic configuration of the "Freddy" lace-ups features black nappa leather and silver spikes. The shoes retailed for $1495, and are sold out everywhere. (Currently the shoes are only available in the black-on-black configuration.) They are size 43IT. According to the Christian Louboutin online boutique, the shoes fit true-to-size, translating to a 10US. At $1049, I think the shoes are an absolute steal: in...
For sale: Tom Ford 007/"McQueen" shawl-collar cardigan in navy, size 48EU. To my mind, this size would be appropriate for a size 50EU or a slim size 52EU. Please note: this sweater has been sold, and is no longer available for purchase. Thanks. I bought this sweater directly from the Madison Ave. Tom Ford boutique for nearly $2000. But it was always too large on me. In turn, it was worn only a few times, and always with the utmost care: indeed, the sweater is in... I know they're expensive as hell, but I'm dying to buy leather pants. Any recommendations besides these? I'd appreciate your insights!
Would you mind posting more pics of the pants? Thanks.
That first picture belongs in the "creepy sartorial images" thread... it is deeply disturbing in ways I cannot explain.
The middle guy looks like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Christoph Waltz had a child -- and fed it crack.
Seller SpooPoker is an asset to the community. I hope he keeps me apprised of his future wares, because he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He's courteous, prompt, and he sells some damn cool stuff. An internet big-timer indeed!
Drew, are you willing to experiment with studs/spikes? Let's make something stuntastic...
Anyone know where I can get a jacket like this? Your help would be much appreciated! (on the left of course):
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 Paul Frederick is the only RTW shirtmaker that regularly offers tab collars (some use snaps other used buttons as the closure mechanism). I think Tom Ford does as well.
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