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I have an MTM, Navy Blue 2-button Suit from them. It fits and wears very well. There's nothing at all about this suit that attracts attention. It just looks and feels good without being conspicuous.
Yes, now, but worked in and around academia for many years in the US before I made the switch.
OK. A suit every day will do you no good and be noticed. In the long-run (after you've made the investment in your clothes and your education), it will not matter. It is very easy to spot bright and productive students seeking a Ph.D., although the bright ones are not necessarily the most productive.
Don't overdress. Your peers will think you are putting form before substance. The senior faculty will think you are trying to compensate for a lack of productivity. In either case, if you are a whizz-kid (publish a lot and bring in a lot of money) you can do whatever you want (within certain broad limits) and they won't sack you. Just don't sleep with their wives or girlfriends! Good luck.
I worked on my "figure". I bought a Concept 2 rowing machine and have been a pretty dedicated rower, first losing weight, then for muscle development, now to keep things in place as I have a history of weight gain. Otherwise: on redefining oneself. Clothes are a part of it. The general theme i have found that works to "act as if" you are the person you want to be in all aspects of your life.
I haven't taken any photos.
For these schools, I'd say what you wear will be irrelevant to their decision. Are you a number cruncher? Make the most of it. Debunk CapM theory.
I had an MTM blue suit made by Steed. It is fine, what you'd expect for $1100. It fits.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy The C&J Sydney has an elegant look. Loafer + Elegant = oxymoron, as in beautiful french woman.
This is the kind of thing only poor people, with time on their hands, and nothing else to do, worry about. Haven't you better things to do? Proper dressing is a proper habit, not a compulsion.
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