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I recently was reading some fashion articles on mens jeans that were dealing with rolling up the jean or pant to show off the bare ankle. Anyone out there into this look? I personally like the look and often wear my jeans rolled up. Rolled-up jeans look great when wearing flipflops in the summer. Other shoes work as well but you must not wear socks.
Was wondering what the general consensus is regarding wearing Doc Marten boots, preferable the 14 hole black boot. I have a pair of these that I purchased several years ago and I used to like wearing them with tight fitting jeans rolled to about the top of the boot. I am NOT a skinhead, I just like the way they wear their jeans with their boots. I used to see quite a few cool dudes wearing their docs with their jeans rolled but lately haven't seen too many.
I have severel friends that all wear their jeans cuffed differently, some like to show the sock or ankle below the cuff, while others like to cuff to top of shoe. This might very well be a mating call while cruising around town. Other cool guys will notice.
I wear my jeans rolled most of the time and depending on the shoes I am wearing I either keep them rolled so they rest on the top of the shoe or I roll them up to low to mid-calf length. When rolled this high I wear no-show socks so the bare ankle is exposed.
What is the general feeling of guys wearing 3/4 length shorts/pants/jeans? I have heard a few comments that they make you look gay. Truth is 3/4 shorts are quite popular in Europe as well as out here in California. The 3/4 length means the pant hits at mid to upper calf but definitely below the knee. I personally think the look is cool, especially when worn sockless with sandals.
Quote: Originally Posted by soultek I dig it. recently instead of cuffing my jeans, I'll double fold/roll them until they're almost a bit high. I guess it depends on the shoe and the fit too. I can relate to this look. I frequently double roll my jeans as well to way above the ankle. This look is so cool. Depending on which shoes I am wearing dictates how high I wear them.
Great casual look! I wear that look most of the year out here in CA.
J Crew and Ralph Lauren are showing a lot of styles of jeans and pants rolled to top of shoe or in some cases above the ankle. I view this as a pretty cool look. I would be interested in hearing some different viewpoints on this look.
What do you think of guys with their jeans rolled up around 4-5 inches with shoes and no-show socks or just plain sockless? I like this look and notice it is becoming more popular out here in CA.
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