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Looking out for a US8 (UK 7.5) Marlow cordovan wingtip - any souls out there with an available pair to let go?
Up for grabs is an unwanted Christmas present (purchased from Selfridges in London and all tags are still intact - original retail price is £270) - a Size 36 Barbour Bedale SL jacket in Pinstripe Navy. For those that are unfamiliar, the Barbour SL Bedale Jacket, is a slim, smarter and more contemporary version of Barbour's classic Bedale jacket. Until recently, the SL range was only made exclusively for export to the Japan market and has previously been almost impossible...
Thanks have just replied
Thanks have replied
And other than the shoes that I'm selling here (http://www.styleforum.net/t/343099/alden-x-leather-soul-hawaii-navy-suede-plain-toe-bluchers-us8b), I'm also looking to part with this. The specs are easily available on the web, but I’m setting them out below, and it comes with all the original boxes and bells and whistles, and I’m also including it with a few add-ons: Custom strap from Bas & Lokes (unworn) ZULU strap from Europelli in Desert Sand (as seen on the...
I’m on a minimalist drive to sell all most of my worldly possessions, and retreat to the caves, so I’m kicking it off with Alden's Navy Suede PTB by LSH just in time for Spring. Not much need to be said since these are well documented within the community, but these are sized US8B on the Barrie Last. You can see the original model that started it off here as well: http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2010/07/27/alden-shoes-navy-suede-ptb-x-2-lsw-lsbh/ I’ve changed the laces...
It's a shame, but there are good bargains to be had. Just picked up a pair of shell cordovans for 40% off the original retail of $630 for my medallion bluchers, and the staff there are ace.
Just sent you a PM on the credit card wallet.
I'll have to miss the evening's festivities, but will be dropping by Gshen's atelier in the late afternoon, and I hear you'll be around as well, Kent, so see you then if you happen to be present!
Quote: Originally Posted by hammer07 Has DTO pmed yet? Lol, nope. Maybe someone might want to inform him of the existence of this thread?
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