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Thanks for all the feedback. I went back today and picked them up.
I was at a shoe store earlier, looking at the C&J Grasmere. The shoes have been in the store since 2002. I'm concerned about the condition of the leather, and especially the sole, which is Dainite. The shoes are new, but doesn't leather dry out and rubber degrade/rot? I'd appreciate advice. Thanks!
I received my first two pairs of mid-calf socks this week and I love them. They are so comfortable. The top seemed slightly loose, but I walked ten hours today and they stayed up. I don't understand how they do it. The best socks I can find locally are 80% mercerized cotton and 20% synthetic. At the end of a long day, I'd pull my feet out of my shoes and they'd have a wet and "yuck" feel. The Viccel socks were only slightly damp and still felt fresh. Finally, I...
Thanks for all the input, guys. Baresolid and Animal Farm - I'll skip the lighter gray for sure now. Quote: Originally Posted by mjc Lands' End has these socks in "dark charcoal" and "deep burgundy", which both look pretty sharp with charcoal. Appreciate the link. The dark charcoal's what I was looking for. I used to do a lot of online shopping from Land's End. They have a great return policy (and I tended to return a lot because of...
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie One of the main reasons people give for buying english shoes like C&J or EG is that they're supposed to last longer due to goodyear welt, good leather soles, etc. I once owned a pair of black Blundstone boots, which accompanied me across continents, into tropical jungles, up on snowy mountains, and to my casual ex-workplace. I wore them almost everyday for five years (yeah, yeah) and they still...
Quote: Originally Posted by hangthree Try the RedOxx Sky Boss. Great bag - but can get a bit heavy. Red Oxx makes excellent products. I have a couple of their bags and they are practically bombproof. The Air Boss is kinda large though. Maybe have a look at their Safari line, with more sizes to choose from. Their customer service is amazing, too.
Ideally, I'd like gray socks that are darker than my charcoal suit. Unfortunately, I've searched several malls and have been unable to find what I want. A lighter gray or black seem to be the next best choice, but both look a little off to me. What do you think?
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