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Gonna throw this one out although I don't anticipate much of a response. I have a sz. 48 cracked pepper TOJ Chesterfield (the best piece of outerwear Drew's crafted IMO) and I'm looking for either a sz. 50 or a Geller Laced Cuff Coat in sz. 48. Also, I'm not selling this piece. I understand that most FT posts lead to FS posts, but this is not one of them It still fits, I just can't layer much beyond a sweater under it.
Geller laced cuff coat (46)
I was surprised too. Stopped in and talked to the dude running the store a year or so ago and based on what he said, I would've thought he was going to stop offering Frank Leder, not Schneider. It's a shame. SW buys were usually where I procured most of my Schneider from.
Selling a grey Ervell pocket sweater from FW12. Worn sparingly, never washed and stored folded. $160 shipped anywhere in the US.
Hello, I have a purple, grey and navy pocket sweater from FW12 for trade. They're in good condition (8.5/10 or 9/10 I'd say). I'm looking for the equivalent pocket sweater in L.
Received my suiting wool MA-1 today and it's an awesome piece. I will echo the sentiments of others that, if you have swole arms, it may be wise to size up. Although I imagine it will loosen with wear, the sleeves on this thing are tight with the padding even on someone at the low end of the swole spectrum.
For those of you who got the Bee cardi, is the fit similar to the Ijevan?
Whoops. Glossed over that. Thanks!
DBear - When did you place your order?
Could've sworn those looked more beat up in the ebay pictures...Nice pickup.
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