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Hello all, I'm a semi-frequent SW&D seller, but this is worthy of a crosspost so I'm venturing into unchartered waters (for me at least). I recently bought a limited edition (1 of 300 made, IIRC) Nigel Cabourn Lawrence E.G. Oates Rollneck in size 3. Unfortunately, my gamble on Cabourn sizing didn't pay off and this is a size too big for me. So...my loss is your gain. It comes BNWT, having only been tried on once. I'm asking for $230.. Pictures are attached and...
Love the color of the Olive Emory and I've always been enamored with the Emory silhouette, but I'm not sure I'm particularly fond of the leather tape seam finishing on it. It's probably just me.
Yeah, saw both. I was leaning olive but I'll have to think about this for a minute.
Trying to decide between a black or olive lamb harrington or another black CWU-45 to replace the one I've now outgrown. Any thoughts?
Couple of Junya pieces that imma be all over.
You are the spitting image of Frank Lampard.
Best: (Thanks Tween) (Our Legacy casual pants that are perfect for Texas) And a recent entry... Worst: 3.1 Phillip Lim dress shirt. Fucking thing is awful.
Bought this Ervell sweater and it's the only thing from Ervell that I bought this year (which includes 3 pocket sweaters and 3 shirts) that fits like earlier seasons of Ervell. As a result, my torso is too long for it, but I'm sure someone else can benefit from it. It's BNWT and I haven't done anything but try it on. As a result, I'm using stock pics. S2S - Raglan P2P - 20" Length - 25" Drop $120 -> $110
Picked up a Lost and Found beanie from another member and, to my dismay, it doesn't quite fit right on my head. Before you become concerned, this is primarily due to the fact that mah dome is disproportionately large. Still, this thing is awesome and I had been eyeing it for a while before I came to realize that Lost and Found freesizing isn't the best for me. Either way, my loss is your gain. Diameter: 10"
Dries, from thecorner.
New Posts  All Forums: