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Dunno about that; the Ijevan fits pretty TTS. I'm a 48 and I took a 5. If he's normally a 46, a 4 would probably be a relatively slim fit on him and a 5 would be oversized.
The three things I was eyeing at the corner are all excluded from the sale. Great sadness.
Same, but all my SNS Herning stuff is from previous seasons. The new sizing frightens and confuses me. I've never had to size up on anything from them before.
Been eyeing these for a while, but I can't get a gauge on exactly how shiny these things are. Anyone own them?
This is the hardest I've laughed when viewing SF.
Selling a BNWT Ervell Norwegian Cardigan I picked up last year. Tried it on and it was a bit too boxy for my liking. Attaching a stock pic because it's in BNWT condition. Note: Toggles are brown, not black as shown in the model pic above. 175 -> 150
Prepping my closet for winter and I found these pants that sadly no longer fit me. I bought these off of B&S, if I remember correctly, but I maybe tried them on once. Typical Dries details, adjustable side tabs, very subtle herringbone pattern that I tried to capture in the pictures below. Really nice piece that I'm sad I forgot about...but I suppose my loss is your gain. Measurements: Waist - 16.2" Thigh - 11.75 - 12" Inseam - 31.8" Leg Opening - 8.1" $90 -> $80 -> $70
Cleaning out my closet and found these, which are too big for me now (and were too big for me when I bought them too). I wore these a handful of times, enough to form creasing but not enough to start any real fading. Most of the creasing below the thigh in the pictures is the result of how the jeans were stored and hung for the picture and I imagine will smooth out with wear. Obviously, they're not washed and they haven't been hemmed either. I don't believe Mike and...
Prepping my closet for winter and I found this piece, which no longer fits me. It's a 85/15 Wool/Poly black sz. 50 Jil sweater that fits very slim. I'd say it's at 8.5/10 condition...it's been in a storage drawer and I haven't worn it for quite a while. I only hung it to take pictures and for measurements. See below. S2S: 17.5" P2P: 19.5" Sleeve: 24.5" Length: 26.75" $95 -> $85 -> $75
Does anyone have NS Cords? If so, would you recommend going TTS or sizing down?
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