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They're available at FinishLine.
Selling a pair of brand new Grey Flock 100% Wool OL pants that I just received from Tres Bien Shop. I bought both a 48 and a 50 and the 48 fits me better. These are BNWT (have been tried on once) so I'm just including the stock pics from TBS. The price is $170, which is below retail from TBS, especially when factoring in shipping. If I don't get any takers before tomorrow, I'll just ship them back to Sweden for a return. Measurements: Waist: 17.2" Inseam: ...
I've tried the Gilbert on. It's actually a narrower frame than you might think, and the lens width was actually too narrow on my face. I prefer the way the keyhole bridge works for me, so I'd choose the Gilbert over the James.FWIW, I ended up going with the Thompson.
Trying to decide between the Navy Soumak or the Blue Miro. Anyone have any thoughts?
I love the cracked pepper chesterfield and totally glossed over it during the small window it was available. Finding one on B&S (fits slightly slim but who gives a fuck) was a fine day for me last year.
Is 6'1" considered tall? I'm 6'1" and I think of my self as a bit above average (particularly compared to other asians) but not necessarily tall. That's a designation for people 6'4" and above to me.
Hey all, Bought a couple of Schneider shirts from Au Revoir et Merci and they're a bit smaller than some of the other sz.5 Schneider shirts I own. I'd say these would fit a small or normal sz.4 pretty well. Measurements for both are below: S2S - 17" P2P - 19" Sleeve - 25" Length - 27.5" I've attached stock pics since these are brand new. Price is $100 shipped $90 shipped for the voile (light blue). NOTE: GREEN ONE IS SOLD
Hello, Selling a pair of sz.44 CP Achilles Lows in black. I bought these new and wore them maybe 3 or 4 times, so they're in excellent condition. I have the box, dustbag and extra laces with the shoes. Pictures are below, but you all know what these look like.
I'm aware of the level of hate most sandals get around here.
If we post a thread with multiple items in it, we can't delete pictures of items that have sold?
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