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If we post a thread with multiple items in it, we can't delete pictures of items that have sold?
Selling my Navy Epaulet CPO jacket (medium), as I'm trying to streamline my closet and this thing doesn't get much wear. Measurements are below: S2S: 17.75" P2P: 20.75" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 29" This jacket is no longer available on the Epaulet site and works great as a winter coat in milder climates or as a laying piece for those of you living in the arctic circle. Price is $180 shipped USPS Priority to CONUS. As an FYI, if you buy this within the next few days, I...
Same. Spend a day travelling, get totally shafted on the smalls.Oh well, live and learn.
Has anyone tried on Barton Perreira Ribisis? I've been trying to find some around Dallas with no luck. The people I've spoken to have mentioned that the frame looks pretty small, but I was wondering if someone could confirm.
Jay, what are your thoughts about the jeans that The West is Dead started running? Any chance that you'll stock them in the future?
spam bots bruh.
Baseball jacket was $450, but it was calf suede. The lamb suede jackets have always been the same price as the leathers.
I'm so confused as to how some bigger dude hasn't already snatched up that SS peacoat. Kitsune bomber is nice too.
Same. Only thing that really caught my eye.
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