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I'm 6'1"/170 and an M fits fine. I don't know if they've changed the sizing over the past year but it's certainly not cropped on me
Wish this was a 48 so badly. Someone should jump on this.
I'm probably going to do the pre-order again if SP or someone else does it, but it's a pretty scary process for coats. You kind of have to guess a size and hope for the best, unless you order 2 sizes and cover your bases. I got burned with the green overcoat this season but thankfully had a friend a size bigger than me who took it off my hands for no loss.Really interested in the coat in pic 5. Hope that'll be a pre-order item.
My suggestion would be to procure a Geller laced cuff coat and then we can trade
Hey all, Selling a favorite piece of mine that I've outgrown...the DVN colorblock sweater from a couple of seasons ago. It's in excellent condition and has been stored folded (only hung for the purpose of taking this pic). There are shoulder buttons which I'm quite fond of and aren't particularly noticeable, but they aren't obvious in the stock pic so I took some crude pictures of them. Price is $200 + $5 for shipping for USA people. Canadians...we'll figure something...
Hello all, Selling the Black Suede RG x CP Officer Boots from a few seasons back in sz. 44. They're in good condition (I'd say 8.5/10, but you can judge for yourself). I have the box, dust bugs and and oh yeah...I got the spats . Price is $300 -> 275 plus shipping (I have no idea how much it'll cost to ship these fucking things). (Drop)
Those measurements...
Gonna throw this one out although I don't anticipate much of a response. I have a sz. 48 cracked pepper TOJ Chesterfield (the best piece of outerwear Drew's crafted IMO) and I'm looking for either a sz. 50 or a Geller Laced Cuff Coat in sz. 48. Also, I'm not selling this piece. I understand that most FT posts lead to FS posts, but this is not one of them It still fits, I just can't layer much beyond a sweater under it.
Geller laced cuff coat (46)
I was surprised too. Stopped in and talked to the dude running the store a year or so ago and based on what he said, I would've thought he was going to stop offering Frank Leder, not Schneider. It's a shame. SW buys were usually where I procured most of my Schneider from.
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