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Could've sworn those looked more beat up in the ebay pictures...Nice pickup.
Shot in the dark, but does anyone know of any Schneider stockists in Chicago?
I have the black suede combat boots with the spats . They're really nice...highly recommend those if they're in your size. Any of the single monks in 44 or 45?
Out of curiosity, are there going to be any sz.44 derbies?
This sample sale has made me realize my F5 mashing prowess is sadly inferior.
tfw you accidentally pay sutocorp using usd instead of jpy.
Gonna fly into Chicago for a few days in September to see Sigur Ros. I'll be staying near the Auditorium Building with no rental car. Can anyone give me some good restaurant recs in the area?
Chesterfield for me.
Including or excluding Cloak?
Hello, I'm looking to trade a sz.3 Dark Grey SS Ijevan for a sz. 4. Measurements are below. I'm putting this classified up for a friend, and he's unsure whether or not he wants to sell the piece outright. If you're looking to buy it, shoot me a PM anyway and I'll run the price by him to see if he's amenable to it. FWIW, I think he wants to exhaust the possibility of a trade before he considers selling. S2S - 17.5" P2P - 19.5" Sleeve - 25" Length - 26" Can't get SF...
New Posts  All Forums: