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The last merino he sold went in 4 minutes
Same. Schneider sizing has always been all over the place for me. I have a merino in 5 but I'm fairly sure the 4 would fit better (if only because of the sleeve length). I take a 4 in the Ijevan but a 5 in almost every other cardigan. The shirts...anywhere from a 5-7 and 80% of the time I have to get the sleeves tailored.I've found that if you don't have precise measurements or some place to try the stuff on, it's pretty much a leap of faith. It's a shame SW stopped...
Selling a sz. 38 black Krane Emory Bomber. If you know what this is, you'll know how good of a coat this is for FW season. The coat is 100% heavy duty waxed cotton with wool lining, and a shearling-lined hood. Zippers are all RiRi and overall, it's one of the most well-made coats I've ever owned. Retail for one of these things is well over $700 I believe, and I'm only selling it's only truly cold for a few weeks in Dallas and it's wasted in my closet. It's in...
You'll get lows of 30-40 for maybe a month. It's certainly not always like that during Winter.
Selling a WvG Sea Island Cotton Shirt in a sz. Medium. I think I wore this two or three times before putting it in storage, so it's essentially in BNWOT condition. The Sea Island cotton is fantastic and I don't think WvG have reissued this shirt since the one time release they did. Measurements S2S - 17.5" P2P - 20.5" Sleeve - 26" Length - 29" I shamelessly stole the pictures from another post because, frankly, I'm too lazy to take my own.
Whoops. Good catch.
Selling some McNairy White Suede Bucks. I wore these one time and promptly put them back in the box where they've sat for a year and a half. Been cleaning out my storage closet and figured someone could get some use from these. They're in good shape, no creasing or anything as you would imagine.
New Posts  All Forums: