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Thanks guys!
Anyone know of any stores worth checking out in DC?
You had a 3rd merino?!?
You could probably size down to a 4 actually...from talking with others, the difference between a sz.4 and a sz.5 is fairly negligible. Judging by your fit pics (which probably isn't the best basis for this advice), I think you'd be fine.Finding a sz.4 though...whoo boy good luck.
The last merino he sold went in 4 minutes
Same. Schneider sizing has always been all over the place for me. I have a merino in 5 but I'm fairly sure the 4 would fit better (if only because of the sleeve length). I take a 4 in the Ijevan but a 5 in almost every other cardigan. The shirts...anywhere from a 5-7 and 80% of the time I have to get the sleeves tailored.I've found that if you don't have precise measurements or some place to try the stuff on, it's pretty much a leap of faith. It's a shame SW stopped...
Selling a sz. 38 black Krane Emory Bomber. If you know what this is, you'll know how good of a coat this is for FW season. The coat is 100% heavy duty waxed cotton with wool lining, and a shearling-lined hood. Zippers are all RiRi and overall, it's one of the most well-made coats I've ever owned. Retail for one of these things is well over $700 I believe, and I'm only selling it's only truly cold for a few weeks in Dallas and it's wasted in my closet. It's in...
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