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Shipping was ~$50 for the order I placed a day ago and they didn't deduct VAT.
Pretty light. I know it isn't hot yet, but I wore them out in Dallas yesterday when it was humid as hell and they felt nice and breezy.
Definitely the laced cuff coat.
Yeah. You saved me from my sizing error.
Nanamica Reversible Varsity One of my favorite jackets at a pretty good price.
Spot status: Blown.
I'm 6'1"/170 and an M fits fine. I don't know if they've changed the sizing over the past year but it's certainly not cropped on me
Wish this was a 48 so badly. Someone should jump on this.
I'm probably going to do the pre-order again if SP or someone else does it, but it's a pretty scary process for coats. You kind of have to guess a size and hope for the best, unless you order 2 sizes and cover your bases. I got burned with the green overcoat this season but thankfully had a friend a size bigger than me who took it off my hands for no loss.Really interested in the coat in pic 5. Hope that'll be a pre-order item.
My suggestion would be to procure a Geller laced cuff coat and then we can trade
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