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@jet @BBSLM The only 2 places in NA/Europe carrying the sand knit collar jacket are Maas and Stacks, who should get their shipment in about a week, and the Boutique. I just ordered it through Tatjana so if y'all want the piece, those are your options.
So hard to think of a reissue without the fabrics, because that's what made the piece in the first place. I'd love a departure shirt reissue, but I say that because I'm dreaming of the blue/white colorway that I slept on.
Bert, WW has the tan/yellow Autum coat
Sage Jacket - Sand
The camel knit collar jacket is the only piece from FW that I really want. I'm desperately hoping that someone in NA/Europe stocks it so I can grab it immediately.
yfw a bunch of old dudes who insist on calling it "frozen waves" got it instead of you
Sz. 5 it is then.
Hi, Longshot, but I have a Nanamica Ecru Reversible Varsity (IMO, the best piece Nanamica's made) in sz. M that I'd like to trade for a sz. L. I'll also straight buy a sz. L if you're selling.
This is going to be pointless in the end, but might as well give it a shot. WTB Anthracite alpaca in sz.4 or 5 (If I'm being honest, I forgot the measurements and I don't remember which one I am). Will reward handsomely with firstborn or cash, whichever you prefer.
New Posts  All Forums: