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You'll get lows of 30-40 for maybe a month. It's certainly not always like that during Winter.
Selling a WvG Sea Island Cotton Shirt in a sz. Medium. I think I wore this two or three times before putting it in storage, so it's essentially in BNWOT condition. The Sea Island cotton is fantastic and I don't think WvG have reissued this shirt since the one time release they did. Measurements S2S - 17.5" P2P - 20.5" Sleeve - 26" Length - 29" I shamelessly stole the pictures from another post because, frankly, I'm too lazy to take my own.
Whoops. Good catch.
Selling some McNairy White Suede Bucks. I wore these one time and promptly put them back in the box where they've sat for a year and a half. Been cleaning out my storage closet and figured someone could get some use from these. They're in good shape, no creasing or anything as you would imagine.
Selling 3 Epaulet shirts (note: Blue Shadowdot, Grey Shadowdot, Red/White Madras. Not selling the red, white and blue Madras. Was just trying to find a stock pic of the red and white Madras), all size medium, all worn maybe two-three times total. Measurements: S2S: 18" P2P: 20" Sleeve: 26" Length: 30" I'm looking for $60 each, $100 for 2, $130 for all 3.
Few things: SS Coat (thx Sipang) Black CP Derbies JVC FX750
Shipping was ~$50 for the order I placed a day ago and they didn't deduct VAT.
Pretty light. I know it isn't hot yet, but I wore them out in Dallas yesterday when it was humid as hell and they felt nice and breezy.
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