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Selling my sz. 48 black TOJ Suiting Wool MA-1. It's in pristine condition as I've only worn it about 3-4 times. Measurements are consistent with a sz. 48, although jacket length is slightly longer. Buy this jacket and skip the 12-15 month wait (or whatever the wait is these days). S2S: 18" P2P: 22.5" Front Length: 24.1" Sleeve: 26.1"
If anyone wants to trade a daypack for a sz.48 wool MA1, let me know.
Floating this out there...I'm not home to take pics of my MA1 but it's in excellent condition and I'm willing to trade it for a Daypack that's also in excellent condition. I haven't followed the TOJ drama very much since Drew first shut shop but my assumption is the wait for both is pretty fucking long
It's going to be way too big.
Hi! Cleaning out some things from storage and I came across these Paul Smith Bihars. They're in excellent condition...I only remember wearing them a few times. The leather is a gorgeous dip-dyed brown that I've tried to capture with crappy lighting. They're mainline Paul Smith and, if you remember anything about these boots, they fit about 0.5-1 size large. I would recommend these if you're a 44 or 44.5 usually.
I'm just happy TOG evidently owned like every colorway of the OG OL relaxed pants (and that they don't fit him anymore ). Most comfortable pants ever.
your faces when she actually pays the fine
Nah, I'm with @jet. More people need to own this coat. I got the tan colorway from the boutique since basically nobody carried it and it gets more wear than my Alpaca...although the weather in Texas plays a part in that.
It's not that similar. Obviously you have the lack of a hood and the wool blend is much softer and thinner, but the knit lining is substantially larger in the Sage jacket.
Got the FC email, I'm logged in on the site and I'm not seeing any different prices compared to when I was logged out...anyone else having this problem?
New Posts  All Forums: