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Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Anniversary item will probably not be suede - the cost is too high, therefore the end price would also be too high for a celebratory anniversary item
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Are you factoring in those who are ready or will buy? Or just everyone in general including those who just want to voice their opinion? I can't speak for the others who voted Harrington (aside from Razele, who'd probably instakop too), but I'd paypal him almost immediately after sizing. The thing with Varsities is that there are always a fair number of them floating around B&S and sufu. Suede Harringtons are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oasis Chance of finding Achillies vintage Hi or Training Boots in size 39 or maybe 40? Slim to none? [[SPOILER]] Gravitypope has the training boot in sz.40 @ full retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by redcybot Anniversary Harrington? Yup. I know it's expensive to make but holy shit plzzzzz Drew.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchariybrown Hey guys, Just wanted to remind everyone that after today I will no longer be on the business end of TOJ. However, TOJ unit/family/whatever you want to call it, forevzzzzz lol happy jawnz upon all. - Charly Thanks for all the sizing help. Think my collared moto ships today (God I hope so) and I'm sure your measurements will work well.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex Collared Moto arrived today and I feel like a Korean popstar. Thanks TOJ / Farm F*ckers / Eyes of Delirium / Hexorigamitorix / Swag Jesuses whatever you end up calling yourselves. Seriously, some good ish, and I forgot that I was getting a tote too! Starting to develop an irrational hatred of recent collared moto recepients. Want mine Any recommendations on how to mold the collar without giving it a...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Today I am going out and checking on the Baseball jackets; I owe a couple people price adjustment refunds and a couple seabag refunds so I am doing that today, and we are checking on Bombers. Quilt DRs and BCDRs are being made at the beginning of this week and then we're back to making 2011 DR's and doing the cycle again. More updates later. Just wanted to double check something with you...are you all...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Email address will stay the same, sizing charts will stay the same, sizing advice will stay the same - I am doing the emails from next week, and well, I made the clothes and the charts, right? I have the internet on my person about every waking hour, so no need to worry there. In addition to updating a list of what is available for what, I will be setting up a better self-measure guide so that there are fewer...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet not looking for ear drum shattering bass It's not unless you set it that way. VB stands for Variable Bass, meaning you can adjust the level of bass using adjustable bass screws. Fischer Audio Eternas also feature fantastic bass for that price range.
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