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Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one dude, the Quilt DR is sick, I don't know if I am giving it enough love myself. I think only two people have ordered it so far, but those two lucky men will have balls 1000X bigger when those jackets come in the mail. Out of curiosity, how many collared moto orders have you received?
Quote: Originally Posted by emilo Black lamb minimalistic DR. Wanted the dark grey originally, but I'd rather avoid having to condition the leather after a rainy day. And now black has grown on me. Shit, now I'm really confused. You're 4 inches shorter and used similar length measurements on a DR. I already emailed Charly to add .6", so I'm at 22.8/25.6. Hopefully that'll be enough.
Emilio, what did you order?
Does anyone else who ordered the collared moto want to share their length info? I'm 6'1.5" and used 22.2 front length and 25 back length. I'm wondering if this might be a bit short. I added a tiny bit of length from Charly's recommendation (only .2")
Mike, Any word on when the tropical wools are gonna drop?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fycus C-cap That makes more sense. Stupid iPhone.
Does it say "DERP" on the side of the heel?
Bump for awesome seller who's incredibly easy to work with.
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