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Bump for awesome seller who's incredibly easy to work with.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Didn't the dark grey have those issues with water? Or was that the medium grey one? Pretty sure it was the dark. It was the dark.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one if you've ordered just recently, there may be time to change to design; not color though, as we've purchased materials up to current through the log book. disclaimer though; if you want to see the prototype 2011 Moto, then you'd need to wait longer, it's not made or even started at this point, and it could be awhile too, as production is full steam right now. Nah, it's okay. I've grown quite fond of the...
Oh Goddamnit. I just ordered the collared moto like 2 days ago.
Just in time for Spring & Summer, I'm selling the PF Flyers Albin in the rare crinkled plum leather. PF Flyers no longer sells Albins and you'll find it incredibly hard to find the crinkled plum colorway, which IMO was by far the best. As with all PF Flyers, they fit TTS and unlike Chucks, are designed for people with normal feet width. They've been worn approximately 15-20 times. Obviously there's some dirt on the soles and sides but the leather is in BNIB-like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 OMG, that dark grey is insane. Drew, I know you mentioned a few pages back you were considering doing the band collar moto with invisible snaps, convertible cuffs and banded hem, but what about keeping it "chest pocket delete", like the collared version? I can visualize it, and it looks damn good! Asked and got a no.
Quote: Originally Posted by Islander Read my mind except I don't own the bomber yet so I have to decide which to do first. Hoping for fit pics of the collared moto soon. I'll echo the request for collared moto fit pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I might put up the new Moto today - but like I said, it's not what many might be expecting, it serves a different purpose. It's more conservative. For the love of God, please put it up today. This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.
New Posts  All Forums: