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Quote: Originally Posted by PorterInjax Which chino's are these? Unless I'm missing them, they aren't on the site. Here you go.
WvG Peacoat - $SOLD Navy, sz. 40, worn ~10 times and in excellent condition. Made of 22oz Melton Wool with horn buttons and an awesome red twill lining. Retail price (currently on sale) is $275. Stock pics and my shitty iPhone pics are below. iPhone Pic 1 iPhone Pic 2 iPhone Pic 3 Sizing: S2S: 17.5-18" P2P: 21" Arm: 35.5" Length: 32.5" W+H Tiger Terry Coat - $SOLD Great piece that no longer fits me. Looks great when worn as outerwear but works magnificently...
Quote: Originally Posted by Binker Whoever purchased this, get in touch if it doesn't work out. Will do. There's a chance it doesn't fit me.
Sent you a PM to check on the sizing.
CC, how would you compare the quality/build of titanium Salt frames to Dita titanium frames or Kio Yamato titanium frames?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude yes very tight. but i assume it will loosen a bit with more wear. u have to unbutton/button whenever you are putting it on/off I can get my hands through them when putting them on without much trouble, but I have to unbutton the cuff when taking it off.
Selling the Wolf vs Goat Sun Faded Grape OCBD (M) that I bought off of G Transistor recently. It's the Before Dinner shirt, so it fits quite slim...quite comparable to BoO sizing in my opinion. The shirt is in excellent condition and has only been tried on by me, although it was worn 5-7 times by the original owner. Looking to recoup what I paid for it + shipping, so I'll price it at SOLD. See stock pic: Sizing details per the WvG site: S2S: 17.75" P2P:...
Got my CPO and, quite frankly, it's pretty fucking awesome. For reference, I wear a size M in Epaulet shirts and the M in the CPO is fractionally snug with a shirt underneath, but is still a much better fit than an L would be. One question for fellow owners though...is the sleeve cuff really tight?
Quote: Originally Posted by samsterdam http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/t...-Jacket/Detail Son of a bitch...guess I should check their tumblr before asking. Thanks.
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