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Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I want return of the harrington (Will pay more I know they were expensive) You and everyone else. I'd gladly pay a premium for the navy suede harrington.
Quote: Originally Posted by jshih Received tracking for my collared moto today, can't wait till it arrives. Out of curiosity, when did you order?
Any collared moto people receive their tracking info today?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bm370z You feel like a pretentious, sexually confused, gender ambiguous, japanese adolescent girl? Nice. Sup Woodyear.
Have any collared motos shipped out yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by meso Just mistreat the nubuck and you'll be there in no time. Somebody a couple of pages back said nubuck wasn't an available option.
Did anyone buy a sz.L in the new chambrays? If so, could you measure the seam to seam P2P and S2S and post them? Trying to gauge whether or not I should return my M and size up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Does this apply their other shirts also? I was going to put an order in for their Oxford, but now don't know what size to get... Doesn't apply to any of the other 3 Epaulet shirts I own. I don't have the extensive collection that some others do on here so maybe someone else could better answer that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Can you measure shirt, shoulders? I received my medium and it's 16" across the shoulders seam to seam, quite different than the 18" quoted on the site. I have that exact problem. Mike says that with the way the sleeves are attached, it's more accurate to measure from physical edge as opposed to seams.
Anyone own a pair of Monitaly Camp Shorts? If so, how do they fit? I'm a true sz33 waist, so I have no idea whether to get the 32 or 34.
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