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Agreed. I thought the Uncontrol DR design was one of the coolest things I've seen on here.I bought 3 things from Drew and I never had problems. It's a bit surreal as I ordered (and promptly received) a suiting wool MA-1 just a month before people started getting shafted. I feel terrible for the folks who've had to wait 2+ years for a fucking jacket.
i don't know about that scepter.
Hi, I'm selling a EG Shawl Collar Cardi from a few seasons ago. It's in great condition and it's the Grey/Brown colorway that's pretty rare. The other benefit is, unlike the newer shawl collar pieces, it's lined so it's not quite as scratchy. It's a tagged medium but as y'all know with this piece, it fits pretty drapey and could comfortably fit a M/L. S2S: 18" P2P: 22" Sleeve: 26" Length: 28"
Man, I wish I had jumped on those Odessas when they came out. This is awesome.
Nothing says "bad boy" more than a well fitted pair of trousers.
They're pretty huge this year too...even after a wash.
It is indeed camera artifact. The blue is also a few shades darker than the WorkingTitle photos, but that's not surprising.
Dani Alves dresses exactly how I would expect Dani Alves to dress
I think it's camera artifact. I grabbed the size 6 so I can let you know for sure when it gets shipped to me
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