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Thanks! Yeah, I kinda figured...
Anyone know how often the webstore does restocks? I'm looking for sz.12 Virgils in Sand and I'm resigned to the fact that I'm going to have to kop it very quickly from any retailer that carries that size.
If yall do the chesterfield, I'm in.
@snowmanxl's cropped trousers. y'all should jump on this limited run.
You'd be much better off with 4.
It's hit or miss, but I wouldn't say most. I thought Hinoki and the Bird, Qui, Ink and Juniper and Ivy were all quite good.
Having the same problem.
Agreed. I thought the Uncontrol DR design was one of the coolest things I've seen on here.I bought 3 things from Drew and I never had problems. It's a bit surreal as I ordered (and promptly received) a suiting wool MA-1 just a month before people started getting shafted. I feel terrible for the folks who've had to wait 2+ years for a fucking jacket.
i don't know about that scepter.
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