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There's an awesome MMM CWU-45 on grilled.
ayyy that was my classified post
Sorry if this has been asked before, but what do y'all use to clean/maintain your suede Virgils?
I swear, these get posted in this thread every few months or so and every time I see it, there's a brief moment of excitement before I realize it's just someone else pining after them instead of a remake.
Same. Really appreciate the love.
Band of Outsiders is dead, and everyone had a hearty chuckle because for the most part they made inexplicably expensive OCBDs, chinos and polos. However, it's worth remembering that BoO did actually make some really awesome stuff from time to time...case in point being this jacket. I originally bought this from @conceptual 4est back when he was still @tween_spirit. To be completely candid, this was his classified post. It was in BNWT condition back then, and it's still...
Let me preface this classified by saying I generally sell on the SW&D side of the forum. The CM world frightens and confuses me, so please forgive me if the tone of the classified not aligned with what's generally posted over here. Also, forgive the iPhone pictures. Several years ago, I bought a custom Narragansett Leathers briefcase largely based on Mr Moo's (R.I.P) review of his experience with Narragansett Leathers. I thought it would be a fantastic college...
Thanks! Yeah, I kinda figured...
Anyone know how often the webstore does restocks? I'm looking for sz.12 Virgils in Sand and I'm resigned to the fact that I'm going to have to kop it very quickly from any retailer that carries that size.
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