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your faces when she actually pays the fine
Nah, I'm with @jet. More people need to own this coat. I got the tan colorway from the boutique since basically nobody carried it and it gets more wear than my Alpaca...although the weather in Texas plays a part in that.
It's not that similar. Obviously you have the lack of a hood and the wool blend is much softer and thinner, but the knit lining is substantially larger in the Sage jacket.
Got the FC email, I'm logged in on the site and I'm not seeing any different prices compared to when I was logged out...anyone else having this problem?
Hey all, Selling these awesome (and pretty hard to find) OC Front Zip boots. They've been worn only a handful of times and have been vibramed. These fit a TTS 44.
Hey all, Selling a gently used pair of pair of F+B 745 boots. They're vibramed and have been gently worn in pretty mild conditions (I live in Dallas, so not much trudging through snow for me). They fit TTS, so 44s should take advantage of this deal.
That knit is fantastic
If you're a bigger size, it may be prudent to order straight from the boutique. I've gone directly to them for some stuff in hard-to-find colorways and they've always been very helpful and quick to respond.
Hi, Selling a pair of Devoa twisted seam pants in sz. 3 (fits 30-32, see measurements below). It's 100% wool and cupro lined down to about the thigh. The fabric is beautiful with a soft hand...if I still had skinny thighs, there's very little chance I'd sell this. Measurements below, excuse the shitty photos. The closeup is the best representation of the color. Waist: 16" Thigh: 11" Inseam (hard as hell to measure): 34-35"? Leg Opening: 7.25"
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