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That appears to be more of a shirt jacket. Most definitely untucked.
I don't believe people ever size up on Rancourts. Going true to size or size down 0.5 appear to be the predominant choices.
Seems like in years past they made it pretty clear on the website when the sale would end. Not this time.
Thanks, I was not signed up for their e-mails. Still snagged a shirt that I really like and saved some cash by not buying more.
Strange how they pulled the RRL on-line sale for S/S goods about a week ago without any warning. Some have indicated that it may be back but at this point I'm not so sure. Anyone know?
Have you tried here?
Some good deals on Barbour and others.
I'd go with Gitmans size chart. Most of my shirts are 24-25 P-P and I am an XL in Gitman. Go with L. An XL would probably be too large for you.
All of a sudden only a few styles of OSB are available on HW Carter. I think they screwed up and made their entire OSB line available for a little while. They will probably be more careful with the next flash sale.
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