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Maybe I'm way off here, but when I think of skinny ties and black suits I think of the jazz musicians of the 50's and 60's...who are some of the coolest guys and best dressers of all time (at least in my opinion).
It's not a johnny collar, and I apologize for my poor description of the collar, but I'll try again. Envision a popped collar, if you will. At some the end of the collar it makes a sharp, 90-degree turn and goes down toward the placket. Now imagine that, instead of a sharp 90-degree turn, the collar started a slope about a half-inch, inch before the down-turn. I should find a picture.
Great program. But if you're a girl, don't use a feminine name. My gf did and was getting tons of unwanted invitations to chat.
m@T, I agree ENTIRELY about traveling kills razors. I have tried carrying my razor in a bag seperate from my other toiletries and I still end up with razors that are worn. Argh.
Bought Z Sport a while back. I was in a hurry and didn't really smell it too closely. Well, it seems to not smell at all like the magazine inserts. The funny thing is, the deodorant smells like the ad, but not the cologne. Does anyone know anything about Z Sport, whats the deal?
In an earlier post someone mentioned collars that are very short and cannot be folded down. I actually have an old shirt kind of like that and I really, really like it. Someone mentioned that old RL's were made in that style. Any pictures? And any way to still get a hold of shirts with collars like that? Also, and this is going out there, but I've seen some women in polos that are popped where the collar curves into the shirt...anybody else seen this? Is it available in...
Home of the Hilltoppers.
I really like the Power stick but for some reason I still prefer using the Turbo blades. I don't even know if the Power blades are that different from the Turbo ones (though the Turbo's are cheaper), but that's just my formula for success. Change the blades about every second or third week.
Nashville, Cincinatti, and Louisville. I've looked a bit on the web, and other than some limited Z on ebay, I've really found nothing.
Hey, I'm in a small market and looking for Z by Zegna or Gant's cologne. Know where I could get either one of these? Also, does anyone have any thoughts about DKNY's "Be Delicious"? I've heard that it wears off quickly.
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