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Im curious, what is your normal shoe size and width?
All new pan, mounts, foam and my first time working leather.Say if it was a ring problem it may make a difference (if compression test hasn't been recently done) if it was warm vs. cold.One carb may be gunked? Valve issue? I doesn't sound like a spark problem if its revving smoothly.
I built them to tuck in pretty hard, they are also wrapped so you can lay your hand on them for a few seconds. Its a catch 22 though, it can be warm on a hot day (never burning hot), but its so nice when it gets cold.
Did you pull the plug(s) when the motor is hot or cold? Does it rev smooth?I would check your coil for a good ground and hot lead. Change the plugs and check the gap, look for breaks in the spark plug wire, etc. Start small.Are the 400's single or dual carb'd?
Ive listened to this full album over and over last week at work and it includes Philip Glass's "intro". Here is a 20min section:
Surprised at the reliability issues.I want something larger as well but I built this bike as a tracker/city/trail bike and it does very well for that task. Ill have to get another.
I keep telling myself the same thing but then I find a new place to ride.Im glad these falls have "happy" endings. I was not at fault in an accident over a year ago, totaled my bike and broke my wrist. Im out $50,000 in bills and still dealing with insurance, its something that I will never forget.Ride safe and layer up.
Cant get these guys out of my head. Alt j Breezeblocks Tessellate Fitzpleasure
I'm in love with the Parkers. GLWS, wish I could cop these right now.
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