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Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Ken Langone? I´ll bet for the bad one of the Simpsons, the owner of the Atomic central.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 DKNY Hugo Boss Kenneth Cole Taso Elba Alfani Baroni Sorry I could only think of 6. That must be a joke... Attolini, Kiton, those are serious.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond Still salty? What did you say to him that got him pissed off anyway? Yes I am still salty ( never heard that before, must mean bitter ) I don´t know, I sent him several questions about shirtmaking and a link of robb whatever where it said that he was doing the shirts for the english maker Turnbull. He told me to come to Naples, that is an unacceptable answer . It never happened before but on girls,...
Another DSM collector. Perhaps the thread author got some sympathy for him for obvious reasons...
Finamore are the best shirts. I love them. By the way the blue solid shirt is Eduardo collar? I can´t say the same about his owner that refused to do shirts for me. I even sent him a remember email last week, six months later his " come to naples " answer and no answer this time ( and won´t be ) Awful service. And I even offered him a show on one of the best shops in my country owned by a friend of mine who has shows by tailors of famous brands ( and high prices...
I am looking for one but in 2 button or 3 roll 2. That seems to closed , like a full 3 button.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hannes Every time I ordered it said the items were shipped from Italy. Don't know if there are separate systems though. Ok, How much more or less is the shipping for a shirt? Flat rate? I have read here that you can return it for free . Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by winston Spalla, if there are Attollini shirts left in your size, (and I see two 15 1/2 currently) I would grab them. (if you like the look of them). I think they fit slim. Slimmer than Borrelli in my experience with size 16 and 16 1/2. Yes they have all the hand stitching you could want. More Kiton than Borrelli. They don't have shoulder pleats if that's what you mean. Edit: Looking at how they fit the mannequin, these...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW If you send a message to my old address I'll send you a few thousand emails to hook you up Thanks, but due to my mediterranean diet I am always charged, no cialis sorry.
I envy you. Spaniard socialist took our right to own firearms. From my death cold haaaands !!
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