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Those blue cashmere ones are lovely!
added another picture
I like the 3 pieces main page one and some flannel and birdseye. The DB one is poorly fitted on the model. Have a look
I thought you mean Ron Jeremy, the famous por n actor, the ones that looks like Mario Bros.
Quote: Originally Posted by citizenshame One that is ill-fitting for his suit jacket. I have seen the second picture and is HORRIBLE. by the way that is the usual collar that Boss uses .
The solid navy is great.
That last Piana was great, not my size.
Quote: Originally Posted by sm31 Anybody know how barba shirts generally fit? I bought one on ebay while back, but the neck was smaller than tagged (I'm a 16 1/2; it was too tight). Oh, I got tons of Finamores that actually it's collar is 1 cm bigger than tagged . Last week I tried my first Barba and the collar hanged me, I went with one Finamore to clone the collar, and he measured it and told me to ask the Barba made one size more...
Thanks for the pictures.
This thread lacks of style.
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