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Quote: Originally Posted by camorristi The only way I like it, would be with white pants. I love this look so much, I would wear it everyday and everywhere. But that's just my humble opinion. His upper part looks very good, and has a similar face and tupe as me.
Mine when I watched the Mafoofan pictures on Rubinacci. and then I watched Luca Rubinacci ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Why does this feel like a massive bubble? It's another bubble, ask your friends the socialists freemasons.. that control everything and the trilateral.
Just got this today on the mail from a forum member. My 33 birthday present New Borrelli in Sasa Collar, his cutaway one that is more wide spread than cut away. My review; I expected a far worse shirt, but came better than I thought. The cut is slim and the fabric is nice, not as good as before, not handmade buttonholes. Nice if you can get them at the right price, just are as Pal Zileri shirt but with the armhole handsewn. The collar shape is not as good made as...
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Quote: Originally Posted by Matt i absolutely do. I knew that, you're a socialist fascist eh. Edited; You're asking about me? That doesn't makes me happy, that is the living proof that nothing good can get of any socialism.( Putin former colonel of the ex KGB)
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Spalla, I enjoy your posts; your childlike wit often provides me with a much needed chuckle. Don't ever let the naysayers deter you from continuing. Thank you, I'll reach the age of 33 , the age of Jesus death ,tomorrow. So I have have reached that age, with all the disturbing of child molesters, socialists, pesimists, disordereds, envious and all those synonymous of socialism, I am sure I'll reach someday...
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt Putin is, without doubt, my favorite world leader. The man is the face of evil. He's like a 007 villain that you kinda hope will knock the smarmy grin off Bond's face. He's beyond awesome. He needs his own adjective. He wears Brioni, he bribes Hollywood actors to his parties, he humillates the chechenian people to do the AIDS test before getting married while not to the russians, a reporter that denunced...
Quote: Originally Posted by P-K-L Also think so - or maybe even the construction workers are living there. They travel to Russia from Tadjikistan, work and live on the construction site and leave... I doubt that could happen as he seems to be the russian godfather.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Fuck You. And it's nuns, for your edification. Reported for insults. Thank you
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