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Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. I've yet to understand why you're calling Putin a socialist. Or have you taken to using "socialist" as a general insult, like "bastard". Hahaha, we was a former colonel of the Union of Republics SOCIALISTS , so he is a socialist in the 1 term and what you said as well. as both usually goes together.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto For about $10 David will send you swatches of all his grenadine colors. Do this and pick the one you like IRL. I did that.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn ROFL Now the BOTS are socialist? Dude you are too much. You can't be real. Hell I thought you were a bot yourself at first here. If you could read all the forums of the spaniard newspapers... Lots of socialist bots trolling everything. Not joking here.
That is true, all the forums are full of socialist bots, but the socialist government didn't count on Spalla the freedom maker.
It's time to those " countries " to fall for the rise of Zion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Spalla is awesome. Quote: Originally Posted by Canal Directo ^^+1 Thank you both. May the Light be in your path.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Spalla Camicia* and barchetta? *The armhole, not the idiotic, depressive poster. Reported for insults again. Might be you zaplover a sadomasochist and fetichist gay from Argentina thais is stalking me on Facebook.
The first suit is great, not my size.
Thank you all friends
Thank you I am afraid of this age, as was the one that Jesus and another idol of me died.
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