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Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Why does this feel like a massive bubble? It's another bubble, ask your friends the socialists freemasons.. that control everything and the trilateral.
Just got this today on the mail from a forum member. My 33 birthday present New Borrelli in Sasa Collar, his cutaway one that is more wide spread than cut away. My review; I expected a far worse shirt, but came better than I thought. The cut is slim and the fabric is nice, not as good as before, not handmade buttonholes. Nice if you can get them at the right price, just are as Pal Zileri shirt but with the armhole handsewn. The collar shape is not as good made as...
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Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond Those Pal Zileri's look awesome! PM SpallaCamiccia as he is always looking for them in that size. Thanks, those are good but I am the pinstripeman.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexSF These aren't tailors, but factories. and.... is Spalla-Camicia, not spallacamiccia or spallacamicca And who said those were tailors? I just said I love his products. Thanks for the lesson, I learnt it too late, sorry.
Just received a shirt from Dr. No. Great seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by w.o.e.is.me. seriously. I was in MUCH less difficult circumstances last year. I had a slipped disc and had great trouble walking and moving around for a few months. all at the age of 29. i had surgery and am basically better now, but that whole period made me realize how lucky most of us are just to be able to live our lives without great physical discomfort. if you're healthy enough to be on SF frequently and rock the...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ... Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia In the first picture he is thinking, good another customer so I could live as a king and maintain my wannabe Count son and his hair implant$$ and thousand$$ on bribes to that " fashion " magazine in order to attract more of those nouevau riches . I feel lucky today. In the second picture; Oh no my son has wasted my $$$ Super200 fabrics on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola There are three truths. Your truth. My truth. The real truth. There is only a path, always turn the far right..
[quote=Butler;4134012] Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia What a crime of suits, The sleeve is too long The sleeve is too wide at the triceps part while you sure are not on steroids or syntoil to justify that. Unacceptable wrinkles on the front of the armholes Bad waist reduction Totally unbalanced Long trousers and too wide. and so and so... How did you pay for it? I need some laughs [b]Butler a man of your position should knew...
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