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Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Get a wide-spread collar on your shirts. +1
Never placket. Ugly and sportive.
Made in Spain, well done!
Neapolitans are the best. Period.
Get the plane back ASAP?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blake686 Can someone comment on the fit of the regular Raffaele Caruso line pants as well as the Sartoria Parma pants? I ordered 2 suits off of e-haberdasher and they only give rise and leg opening measurements. Are they very slim in the thighs? The machine made line pants were slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS No one is stalking you on Facebook. Nor are the 'socialists' after you. Seek help. (and you wonder why your GF left you?) How do you know if you can't see my FB account? She didn't leave me, was me. But then I regret and she never answered me. You're a freemason right?
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I don't care about socialists, I care about never ending parties, crazy people, and dope. Then it will be yours paradise, you can buy for 1 euro cans of beer on the street from pakis and buy hash, charlie ,or xtc on each corner to the marroquians. Beware of get cleaning powder instead. They do frequently If you like techno go to the SONAR mega rave, it was late June but now I think it's on July now....
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Ah okay man. Sometimes I wonder about you, but then I realize you hail from Espana. And it all makes sense What city? I always wanted to visit Barcelona but cannot afford it. Barcelona is the socialist paradise of Spain, go below to Valencia , were the America's cup and the Volvo Ocean race is, I am near.
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