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Neapolitans are the best. Period.
Get the plane back ASAP?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blake686 Can someone comment on the fit of the regular Raffaele Caruso line pants as well as the Sartoria Parma pants? I ordered 2 suits off of e-haberdasher and they only give rise and leg opening measurements. Are they very slim in the thighs? The machine made line pants were slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto For about $10 David will send you swatches of all his grenadine colors. Do this and pick the one you like IRL. I did that.
The first suit is great, not my size.
Thank you all friends
Thank you I am afraid of this age, as was the one that Jesus and another idol of me died.
Quote: Originally Posted by camorristi The only way I like it, would be with white pants. I love this look so much, I would wear it everyday and everywhere. But that's just my humble opinion. His upper part looks very good, and has a similar face and tupe as me.
Mine when I watched the Mafoofan pictures on Rubinacci. and then I watched Luca Rubinacci ones.
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