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Yes I am, as well as from Wurlitzer, Rhodes, and analogue synths of the 70s So listen to Tangerine Dream Rubicon.
There is huge sociocultural difference between both forums and their poasters. I got just 1 post of the sportive one obviously.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrGimpy Why were you interested in this subject, Spalla? I took a course recently led by an instructor who had worked in negotiations and had consulted for companies wanting to find out if their counterparties were telling the truth. He didn't place a lot of emphasis on the standard techniques and suggested they do more harm than good. Because I study psicology and also enjoy reading books about. Now I am...
I have finished the book, was telling lies by paul ekman. I would resume it as " american bullshit" what a waste of time
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan I went last week to Massimo Dutti, that is like Zara's upper label. They got that sea island same fabric in one shirt, honest the fabric was better than a lot of milan based brands and costed 49 euros, 10 more for a mtm. Was the same as my two better Finamores posted here. The buttons were white MOP , but the collars were not as good as the neapolitans, they also got cloned my last Kiton tie and got a...
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Yes, they did. Francesco did not want to disclose details. Just told that this was a past story. Do you like those peak collars? I got one from Finamore but don't fits me as great as the wide spread or cutaways.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Is that Mariano Rubinacci? HAHAHAA Quote: Originally Posted by onix And the poster on the wall is Luca? HAHAHAHA What is he wearing a cleenex?
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Get a wide-spread collar on your shirts. +1
Never placket. Ugly and sportive.
Made in Spain, well done!
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