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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I like you but I really hate Rupert Murdoch... Sorry Spalla... Yes you are socialist, so you hate him , a freedom fighter as me. Aznar works for him.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW That's a surprise. I picked you more for a Liberation Theologist. AHHH I hate those socialists of the Vatican II, homos and socialist and Tarancon. Those destroyed the church changing the beatufil medieval music for gipsy kinda guitar ones. I am a great fan of the old order and the Saint Inquisition.
I recommend this great movie about the life of the Saint and Opus Dei founder Saint Jose Maria Escrivá de Balaguer. My idol and saviour
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt hard to get any decent stuff here to that end. Lord knows I've tried. Go to thailand to get some kilos. Some spaniards did that.
Do charlie. Obama can't be wrong....
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar According to Spalla, Luca sucks and he rocks... And you are ( and some others ) are in love with me. Sorry I am a real macho guys a far right winger.
I AM SPALLA the only and unique , heritor of the european real high burgueoise and Victorian age manners, a real fan of the Old Order not as this tacky Luca or similars. PLEASE CALL ME FOR ANTISOCIALIST ARTICLES , ALSO I AM FRIEND OF AZNAR WHO WORKS FOR YOUR BOSS RUPERT MURDOCH, WHO I ADMIRE. SOCIALISM ; NO MORE.
1,92 meters tall and only 68 kilos. Yes I was called Fido Dido and spaguettiman on school but now I write on the wall street journal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou Holy shit! WSJ linked Spalla's thread. Would love to have seen the reaction on LR's face when he read "elegant h..." Sorry I was out some days. Quote: Originally Posted by MrKaizen Code: Next Friday, some guys from Style Forum [an online menswear forum] are coming to Naples. Maybe they will tell me. They think I am the devil of classic [clothing]! You are. PERIOD ...
YFYF is my favorite dressed poster. I thought you were on the US.
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