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Until what month is it ok the wear flannel jackets? Late march?
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal So... has there been a sock check on Spalla? Dude can't be real. Another socialist envious that I am on the Wall Street Journal and he is NOT.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai i buy it. my spanish and israeli friends send emails the exact way they would speak down to the phonetic spelling. "will look tord mit u there, soon!!!" I am here and I exist you marroquians Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS IDK why there are a lot of Jew threads in CE recently. Because they are the Chosen People, so the best ones. Amen you antisemitic Galiano . Shalom...
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh any info on the price of the finamore? I don't get any answer today.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevin9419 Hi, I'd like to try a borrelli royal collection for the first time. I heard that its fabric was super. My neck size is 14.5 to 15 and my shirt size is small. Anyone who have a nice nwt borrelli royal collection shirt, please send me a pm or reply to this thread. Thanks!!! There was a blue one on ebay today.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Wrong legion... Read about them ... Very interesting stories... Why wrong? The only wrong ones were the Lincoln batallion american socialists sent to Spain against Franco and the " Chekas " Radical commies that killed people just for the fact of getting marriage by the church as well to kill and rape 80.000 nuns . Thanks God we win.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin You're not even in the US. Why do you care? Because he controls Spain.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Paul Marion ,Jean Herold Paquis , Doriot ,Deat and Phillippe Henriot are interesting characters too... Have you heard of the Legion Charlemagne? I guess so, as I grew in a part of Spain with a lot of old german refugees that helped Franco to win against the evil socialist. Die Kondor Legion and Division Littorio. I liked them for my pure aryan look so they kinda adopted me on the early 80s when I was a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin I'm quite familiar with Degrelle - if anything, the man was a right-winger and a corporatist. Aren't those the ideals you support, Spalla? Although he did have great taste in clothes. While we're on the topic, the Duke of Windsor was known to support eugenics, and had good relations with Herr Führer. You are very wrong about me, I HATE corporativism. In fact my credo is, the society should gives you in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin How about "heartless and opportunistic brutal bureaucrat who was responsible for the murder of anywhere between 750,000 - 1,000,000 Jews, Romanis, homosexuals, and disabled"? I mean, let's face it -- they were syncretic when they included "socialists" in their description, but in reality they were pretty much a right wing party. If youre interested in nazy crap read Leon Degrelle's. You didn't know him (...
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