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Looking to buy a few pairs of Levi's Capital E Stacked Skinny Jeans in a size 30, 31, or 32. I have one pair that is getting a bit old and love them. Would like to buy 3-4 pairs. I am in the new york city area, but could pay with paypal or meet somewhere. Thanks in advance.
hendrick's G&T
I'm a big fan of Peter Thomas Roth buffing beads. I usually follow this with shisedo rejuvenating cream. Th cream may or may not be helpful but I find the application is the most important part. You want to gently rub the cream in an upward motion and gently pat the whole face for 3-5 minutes afterward.
Without a doubt, but do not ever wear the one with huge cords. You want thin not very deep cords. I have a great grey pair, that I usually wear with a long sleeve black T-shirt
My girlfriend has the balenciaga city bag and i just love the leather. It is a bit soft however, I sort of beat my bags up so i'm a big Yoshida Porter fan
I have a pair of stacked Skinny's and they are the best money i ever spent. Id kill for an opportunity to buy a few more pairs
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