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Online stock sold out too fast for me. I'm looking for the following items from the Lemaire x Uniqlo collab - maybe someone on here ordered them and they didn't work out? The shawl jacket in green and size M The straight pants, also in green and size 31 The tunic shirt in white and size M Also open to trades (look at my sig). Let me know! Regards
Stephan Schneider tailored jacket. From A/W 2009/10. 100% cotton, made in Belgium, size V, which equals M in this jacket. Relatively low buttoning point, with an interesting fabric. Also open to trades, eg for the green Uniqlemaire shawl blazer in M S2S: 42cm P2P: 49cm Sleeves: 68cm Pics:
I like the 5-zip as well. It's lined (cotton I think) all the way through. No contact with the skin, except for the collar. And along the zippers and bottom, if you would wear it without a shirt. Which I could see Regis doing...
I didn't conceive his post as being overly harsh. Also, imo the shirt being what it is (placket plus TB-tag) makes the shortness of the sweater jump out.
These are not gonna look good "dressed down". Frankly, I don't see the point in such an elongated toe derby boot. That being said, they could be nice in a more MC context imo.
Selling or trading the following items. I'm interested in Uniqlemaire stuff, if you have something to offer.1. [[SPOILER]] 2. Next, a pair of Dries van Noten pants, rather hefty fabric made from 85% wool 15% polyamide. These are amazing, so if anybody would like to trade for the exact same pair a size up, that would be perfect. Size 46 - measurements:Waist: 38cmInseam: 77cmHem: 18,5cm115€ plus shippingPics:3. Lastly, a pair of linen shorts by Frank Leder. Cool herringbone...
Strange way to go.
Just copy the quote over.
Looks really cool. Very clean (can't get behind the tipped quarters, but gives a ninja vibe, so props). Must be nice to be in control of the whole process of making your own leather jacket.Btw: is it just me or does the neck opening appear fairly small?
Ha, missed this. Only Margiela piece I own, and I like it a lot.
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