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Aren't those brogued oxfords?
Selling a dark red Fisherman sweater by SNS Herning, in the turtleneck version. It's a size S and in pristine condition. Stock photo color is closer to what it looks like in the flesh. If you don't know the sweater: not too heavy, pretty slim and the waistband and cuffs have a great feel to them, not flopping around like on some knitwear I've seen. Price is 120 105 95€ plus shipping from Germany. I'm open to trades - size M/38R, pants about 31, shoes 43-44EU. Some...
Probably because of the whole Barney-Stinson-thing
Voilá a few pics
I have a longwing boot from Vass on the P2 last. Had some problems with the soles, so they went back, but I can post some pics soon.
Leagues ahead of what I usually get when I mention my name! [[SPOILER]]
x-Post [[SPOILER]] PaperLinenCotton/LinenCotton
[[SPOILER]] PaperLinenCotton/LinenCotton
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