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Stephan Schneider tailored jacket. From A/W 2009/10. 100% cotton, made in Belgium, size V, which equals M in this jacket. Relatively low buttoning point, with an interesting fabric. S2S: 42cm P2P: 49cm Sleeves: 68cm Pics:
I like the 5-zip as well. It's lined (cotton I think) all the way through. No contact with the skin, except for the collar. And along the zippers and bottom, if you would wear it without a shirt. Which I could see Regis doing...
I didn't conceive his post as being overly harsh. Also, imo the shirt being what it is (placket plus TB-tag) makes the shortness of the sweater jump out.
These are not gonna look good "dressed down". Frankly, I don't see the point in such an elongated toe derby boot. That being said, they could be nice in a more MC context imo.
Im looking to trade these bottoms, which are too small for me, for other stuff. Not really looking for anything specific - Dries van Noten, Lemaire, Margaret Howell, some more basic Yohji - hit me with anything that's interesting and my size (mostly M/real waist 32, 48EU). If you want to make an offer to buy anything, go ahead.1. [[SPOILER]] 2. Next, a pair of Dries van Noten pants, rather hefty fabric made from 85% wool 15% polyamide. These are amazing, so if anybody...
Strange way to go.
Just copy the quote over.
Looks really cool. Very clean (can't get behind the tipped quarters, but gives a ninja vibe, so props). Must be nice to be in control of the whole process of making your own leather jacket.Btw: is it just me or does the neck opening appear fairly small?
Ha, missed this. Only Margiela piece I own, and I like it a lot.
Thanks. They're Christophe Lemaire, in a wool-cotton blend that's fairly lightweight.Thanks guys, I'm indeed looking to have them replicated. I'll give Luxire a shot.
New Posts  All Forums: