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Just picked this up today with various straps. I'm liking the dark green or tan the most for summer. Leather for formal/winter.
I was born and raised in LA. I did my undergrad in LA, but did my Masters in NYC and it was the best thing I've ever done. As a young guy, you should definitely go out and see what else there is in the world. It'll probably be difficult or uncomfortable at first, but after a while you may like it; if you don't you can always move back home. Seriously, you don't want to move because you can't surf?! I totally gave up mountain biking when i moved to the city.I don't...
I just accepted an offer for $75K. MS Chemical Engineering.
Thanks austinite!
Thanks...I'm young and naive, what do I know?..haha
For all of you who have worked at a start up, would you recommend a new college grad to work at a start up vs large company? I have several interviews coming up (2 in a field i dont really like, but happens to be my major, and 1 in a field I like, but don't really have any experience in) and the company I'm most interested in is a start up. If given an offer, I would like to work for the start up since it would "get my foot in the door" and show that I'm serious about...
As others have said, taking a bunch of classes does not really help, but doing poorly in even one class will hurt you. When I was applying for grad school last year, I had a crappy GPA and had a few Cs on my transcript, but had a positive trend so I think that helped. High GRE scores will not really help you since most applicants are getting 780+ Math scores (don't know what that translates to in the new GRE). What will make you stand out are your letter of recs,...
I was a TA and that's the hourly that was listed on my checks. The company ended up not collecting the form (i did not remind them either) and salary was never brought up....
Thanks. This is actually a final round interview (or Super Day for the finance guys) with 7 interviews scheduled. They actually told me to fill out a form prior to coming and it explicitly asks for desired salary. :/This is an engineering job.
I have an interview tomorrow and honestly have no idea what to put for my desired salary. The salary range that I found on glassdoor for the company is $63k-100k with an average of 80500. I have no industry experience, however, I was making about $65/hr working for my school. Would it be unreasonable to ask for 78-98k? The job only requires a BS, but I have a MS and this is my first job.
New Posts  All Forums: