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Why is it twisted so much to the right (your right)? Did you button it up correctly?5-9 and 160 should not be wearing XS. Neither of those look good on you.
This thread is titled wrong. He is referring to the extraneous patch material. Cut it off.
You leave your butt at the cleaners?
Johnston & Murphy Crown Aristocraft Magnanni
latest ESPN headline:Concentration ChampDirk Shows His Mental Toughness in Gritty Win
Niggardly is not a bad word either. But I wouldn't start my NAACP Image Awards acceptance speech with "I was a niggardly young man..."
Walt is one of the best. Honestly the first time I heard him do a call was on the lame Just For Men commercial. I thought his voice sounded a little too high to be on the air. But he definitely adds to the game, especially calling Knicks games.CE rant time:Everyone's excuse is ignorance. "I didn't know." Which just goes to show how completely invisible Asians have been to 99% of Americans. Come on, you work with Asians, you eat their food, they serve you in service...
Walt Frazier?
SAS is serious Melo...drama
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