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I must say there is tangible improvement on each pair. The last few ones were beautiful but these are quite simply amazing.
A nice moleskine or leather notebook cover...
I thought the Officer Boots, like the Oxfords, came up smaller.
LS NST 8 on the crepe sole Indy 403 Alden J Crew Tobacco Longwings as sported today...
Not necessarily true actually. I've bought some Trickers from the US which were definitely smaller, on the same last.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuttingboard I agree but I can't get past the design on the toe of the Inverness (1st pic). The only EG wingtip that's not a MTO that Ive found is the Bealieu (2nd pic). Have you looked at the EG Frome?
Drop to 180 USD + shipping. Or let me know if you have anything for trade.
How can one bump a trade post? I haven't consolidated it with my sale thread, as I thought they were two very distinct offers.
They're black. Just the flash makes them look this way.
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