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Works for the UK.
Lobbs SOLD! Church's SOLD!
Succesful transactions with Smokestack, NAMOR and Phantomx48 so far. Thanks to all for the kind words. Drops. Achilles Sold!!! 95 USD for the OC Desert Boots
Superb transaction with Smokestack. Very easy buyer to deal with.
John Lobb City II added. Price drop on the Church's to 170 USD.
Excellent trade with artoftime... I couldn't have hoped for a smoother transaction.
Has anyone been recently? Dropped by on Saturday They now carry RRL (and quite the selection too), larger LVC section, Studio d'Artisan... Coupled with old selection of Oli Spencer, Barbour Tokito, Kimmel, CDG, etc, Liberty is again my favorite department store in London...
Quote: Originally Posted by coldforge Also wondering about fit... Right now the eyelets at the bottom lace completely together. Those of you who are happy with your fit, are your bottom eyelets touching? That's pretty standard for Trickers country derbys really. I've experimented with all the sizes and width and came to the conclusionnthat unless you have a massive instep, it's the way it's gonna go...
MyHotel in Levallois. Adjacent to the 17th, metro station not far from there, and it's actually pretty close to all of the West Paris attractions (you'll find that Paris is tiny). And I'm sure you can work out a deal with them if you call them.
Anyone with Not Stows in 11.5UK (I'm guessing that would be the correct size given I'm a 12D in the Barrie, and I'm confused as to what last they used on these), holla! 12UK even could do.
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