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I'm utterly confused by the recent batch of RRL's on eBay... There are a bunch of Low Straights available in single rinse, but the measurements different greatly from one seller to another. I just don't know who to trust. I need a 38 for a true 40", which seems to be the case for some of them, but then the leg opening is 10" which seems huge to me. Or it's stated as a 38" and the leg opening is 9", but then the inseam is ridiculous... Any feedback would be greatly...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I didn't, because the email stipulated in store purchases only...and i don't know if it applies to the Aldens. Emailed WP and the answer was in-store only. Proxy is the way to go.
Aris behind l'Olympia used to be one of the better places in town. But I've been told that the old man sold his business, and quality has somewhat declined since being taken over. Otherwise, there's a really good little tailor in Levallois-Perret, on rue Anatole France, not far from Louise Michel station.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Saw earlier that WP is going out of business...any word on whether any of their Alden boots are part of their final in store sale and if someone is willing to kop a 9D in the brown pebble grain double waterlock sole boot for a fee (if they are part of it)? This. In a 12D pour moi please.
Added Visvim Fabro Folks. OC Desert Boots dropped to 90USD.
I remember the Seoul-Shanghai flight from Kimpo being like 150k KRW when I was using that route a couple of years ago. ICN-HKG is indeed more like 4-500 bucks.
Those in real life... Great shade.
I've known a lot of ESL teachers in Seoul and they all seemed to be doing ok. Just live around the Hongdae area, get off with the students and have fun. Cheap booze, cheap apartments... In all seriousness Seoul is pretty cheap if you live a local lifestyle. I'm still amazed at how you can have a damn good lunch for 5 bucks every time I go back (4 times a year on average). That being said, and continuing on what greasy peanut said, my mom now lives in Suji (outside of...
DutchMen was an extremely pleasant buyer to deal with. Paid very quickly, and was kind enough to email me when he received his shoes to let me know that he was happy with them.
Anyone got a code hanging around?
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