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Sorry to hear about that dude. Sometimes I feel women are much better at looking after their own interest than we are. My last gf left in somewhat similar circumstances (she needed time on her own to figure things out, she said, though I'm not an idiot and am well aware of what that entails). But I'm 6 months down the line now. I do miss her some days more than others. But I just know I'll wake up one day, and I'll be ok eventually. Fact is, there isn't just one woman...
I only have my older Pringle cashmeres, from the days the neck label still had a royal warrant.
Drawn from my own personal experience, which is still lingering. If she's made up her mind, seeing her won't change a thing in the end. Yes, she may still have genuine feelings for you. But that's not enough. Seeing her will only stir up nostalgia, may lead to a contract extension, but at the end of the day, you'll be back to square one. Move on brother. Look out for yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by thunderthighs No, but I have walked down the street wearing a $4,000 watch. I have also walked down the street in $$$ jeans that I paid $15 for on clearance. The second feeling is better. It's one thing to find something you really love and just have to have, and finding out it costs $1,000 and saving up for it. But buying something just because it's $1,000 is just retarded. This. I'm not commenting on your...
Shouldn't brands such as Corgi and Sunspel get a mention as well? I realise they're underwear brands, but nonetheless... Also I'm not sure I saw Lavenham in the initial post. Belstaff also surely? Pringle and Smedley? Garbstore?
Excellent transaction with HoopzDreamz. Pleasant buyer and prompt payment.
I have a pair of Tycoon XL for NDG and they're exactly those measurements.
None of these are on the UK site for some odd reason...
Check out l'Eclaireur's rue Herold location... As a matter of fact, just hang around Montorgueil for a day. Go to le Lezard and Nero for food and drinks.
I may just try and do that... Cheers mate.
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