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Son of a Stag in the Truman Brewery (Brick Lane) possibly has the best selection in London right now. The new denim section at Liberty isn't too shabby either.
Superb transaction with prajna12 Ordered a pair of RRL jeans from him and they were delivered to me within a week in London.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI Texted her yesterday that I don't want to do dinner, and we should talk in a more private setting. I'm just gonna come by her house after work, talk to her in my car, then bounce. It's a step up but your car isn't exactly neutral. How about just a coffee or something like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Also, WOMEN are telling you to stop what you're doing. Just think about that. Re-quoted for truth dude. She's trying to keep you on the hook. Don't be that guy. I was myself for a while. Looking back on it, it was stupid. People on here, no matter how they express it, actually have your best interest in mind mate. If you really want (not need) to see her, do it in a setting where either of...
Those should be fine on you.
I recognize a pair in there... Good work mate.
Quote: Originally Posted by GTC1187 LOL, by lying to both about where I am and where I'm going. That's not where I'm getting at. Since I'm expecting to fu*k everytime I go out on a date, I keep the rest of my night open. Unless you're doing day dates. In which case, my friend:
JUst got an email for the 85% off... Typically the goods in my dreambox aren't reduced anymore.
How do you do two dates on a night? I expect to close all of my dates (but I don't), and with that in mind, limit myself to one date a night.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI She says she can't really explain it, which irks me to no end. The week before all of this went down, she was telling me how much she needed me, how happy she was etc, literally the week before! Mate I've been pretty much the same motions as you. Talked her into trying it again, she eventually left me, although I was the "man of her life" only a couple of weeks before. Bitches be crazy, son. Forget the...
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