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Hello I have a pair of Edward Green Fromes, that I'm willing to trade only, as they are a little narrow for me and I need a 12/12.5 E on the 82 last. They have been worn once, and come complete with the box, shoe bags and papers. I am looking for something equivalent in EG, John Lobbs or anything else you feel is fair. I will consider really anything fair, in black or brown, dress or casual... At this stage, I'm looking particularly for EG or JL in brown or...
Up for sale today is a pair of John Lobb City II in black calf, in UK 11.5 E on the 7000 last. These shoes are brand new. They come with the bags, but no box. FULL DISCLOSURE: although these were not sold to me as seconds, I can see that the R inside the shoe has been superficially scratched out from the lining (3rd photo). Upon further inspection, the only reason I can find for this is that the tongue on the left shoe has been stitched to the inside of the outer vamp, as...
These arrived today...
That's mostly an Alden nomenclature, I believe. B/D denotes heel and ball width. So you're looking at a D width really. It's there to also accommodate the fact that Aldens may be custom-ordered to have different heel width from the normally associated ball width, ie A/D for instance. In your case you'd need a AA/B which I've seen from Alden.
Quote: Originally Posted by whynot Took some pictures for those wondering about the color Gold MC. Purchased these last September from STP. For sizing I can't be much help because I haven't tried Aldens or AE. I am usually an 11.5 and I purchased the STP recommended sizing (UK 11). The box says 11 on the outside, the inside of the boots say 11.5. They are slightly large but with a thin insole and some non-dress socks they seem to fit...
So are the ones on STP Paisleys, given the 5 eyelets?
Those Albanys... As a matter of indication, what size are you in those Grants? I'm thinking a UK 12 E might be half-a-size too big.
New strap on my 104... Custom order from ABP: seal leather, thick flat, and green thread to match the dial.
Drops. 100 USD for the Opening Ceremony, 100 USD for the Achilles 70 USD for the Red Wing Deck Shoes Or take the lot and get free worldwide shipping via UPS.
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