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I have no idea why you'd want the yoke to be narrower. Especially in a slim fit shirt, you don't want the shoulder to droop. I would even say 16.25 or 16 would be better shoulder fit.
Fit is pretty bad. Shoulders are over an inch wide on both sides. I am just gonna stop here, the shirts is a couple sizes too big.
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren also, this was posted earlier in the thread... is this a good indication of where the shoulder seams should be? I think that is the perfect shoulder fit for slim fit shirts. As for your shirts, 1st one fits slightly more loose than the picture while 2nd picture is a size too big.
Maybe, just maybe, try wearing the pants lower. Some people wear pants ridiculously high. Or actually measure your inseam and post it.
One thing you can do is try wearing the jacket a little tighter than you normally do. Unless you have a swimmers body where you have 25 inch shoulder width and 35 inch chest 25inch waist, this could work. Most americans are used to wearing things REALLY loose so it may be difficult at first but should get better soon enough. But pants on the other hand, you really have to let your legs and butt breathe.
You are not broad shouldered. Actually, you are pretty narrow for your height. Only problem I see is that you are pretty tall. But other than that you are not atypically skinny or anything.
As usual, most americans are too used to wearing shirts that are huge on them. They act like shirts constrict them so much. I was one of those people. You need to get used to wearing tighter clothes and be more confident about your body image. 9 out of 10 guys I 've talked to claimed to have broad shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lemieux Thanks for all the constructive comments! I really appreciate it. My first thought when I put on the suit was how much shorter the jacket looked compared to what I'm used to, but as many people said, that's the TaT look. I opted for the traditional cut, so the jacket ends where it's advertised: at the middle thumb joint. I did wonder whether the proportions were correct. I thought that maybe the pockets or the...
Quote: Originally Posted by noeltazz the ones i have at home look like these. I have the same model in black and brown. and i copied the style here.... I was looking for something casual enough for lunch It's not a good look? Im prettyn ew to fashion, but i love it I don't think it looks very good. And that's when Mr. Pitt is wearing it.
Are you going to be stranded on an island by any chance? Otherwise, seriously?
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