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Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe did you wear the I am motherfucker t-shirt again? Call the Amberlamps!
I've been sporting something very close to this for a business-friendly look. I used to do something a lot messier, but it didn't fit in at my workplace.
I had this for a few months. It was stress-related. It went away eventually.
Thanks for the tips. I think I'll start with the Brooks Brothers slim fit. It says on their website that their shirts are broader in the shoulders. What kind of price should I wait for? Right now they have 3 for $199.
<-- Newbie here. I've been trying to build my wardrobe but it's been a slow and painful process so far. I'm tall with a medium build - 6'6" 210. Most recently I've tried the Jos. A Bank travelers shirts and could not find a size that would fit me in the shoulders. My shoulders were too broad and the shirt would pull on the buttons on my upper chest. I wish these would have worked out for me - I was happy with the style and patterns. Should I go with a custom...
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