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Is it pronounced KiB-sahn or jeeb-SUN?
I don't think they have cleaned a single thing in this city since that show was filmed.
Sounds good. For dinner, there is also Torpisueno down the way. The house margarita is pretty decent.
Ray-ban is a company. Some of their sunglasses are classic. Others leave something to be desired.
Thanks again for getting Chay to swing through SF. I'm hoping some others will post shots/impressions of their AS in this thread.The 53 last is more aggressively chiseled than I typically go for, but I'm enjoying them. I feel it on my smaller toes, but they (the shoes, not the toes so much) seem to be breaking in nicely.I dropped them an email when it hit about 14 weeks or so. Doesn't hurt. Post some pics after you get them!
Gebhard Leberecht von Bl├╝cher It's a shame to world didn't start calling them Leberechts.
Wear the suit. An interview is a formal occasion. Dressing correctly shows respect for them, respect for yourself, and that you take yourself seriously. If you ever end up interviewing with anyone who is going to discount you for dressing well, you should consider if they are someone you want to work with, because it indicates a lack of seriousness and maturity on their part. I interview people for software development positions at a company that is very informal....
I make no claim to being a decent photographer.
And yet, expectation and realization are not always one and the same. In any case, it was merely an observation of how nicely these lasted trees fit the shoe.Thank you, they are. I'm quite pleased with them.
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