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So, you have a beard and a fixie now?
Given your premise, my books. They offer both textual and artefactual delights.
Those are gorgeous. The pegging is beautiful in and of itself.
Ian's shoelace site There are various ways to tie a bar or straight lace. Note in the pictures, your shoes have 5 pairs of eyelets, and the other photo have 6.
Off topic, but the bow looks a tad wide to my eye.
Those are very nice. I love the look of that navy suede.
This thread is sorely lacking in in-depth discussion of the subtle and significant differences between the AE Park Avenue and the AE Strand.
Recent debate on adoption of the city budget in San Francisco:
Trousers with a crease were considered plebeian; the crease proved that the garment had lain upon a shelf, and hence was “ready-made”; these betraying trousers were called “hand-me-downs,” in allusion to the shelf. - Booth Tarkington, The Magnificent Ambersons ...but they do look sharp.
New Posts  All Forums: