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I'm coming down with a cold, so no going out for me. Have fun guys.
Well, there is a pool in the basement.
bumpity bump
Since you are in the Bay area, you could have a look at, they have a selection of canes and walking sticks.
Have either of you ever been involved in a startup? Or worked in technology at all?I do work in technology, I have worked at startups, and I have been the owner of a startup.Your primary concern is that you have the best coders on the ground running. If you are worried about what kind of pants and shirts they have on, you really are not cut out for that world.Marketing and sales people, when you get to that point, are a different matter, but you should be hiring...
I had a chat with them about their plans. They are going to have a two seat barber shop in the new space. They won't have as much floorspace as the current shop, but they have the option to acquire more space if it works out for them. They may cut back on the number of suits they keep in the shop. It will be interesting to see how it all shapes up.
San Francisco's Cable Car Clothiers is moving to Sutter Street (right down the block from the Hound and Alden) towards the end of the Summer, and are now having a 30%-70% sale.
This elicits a Haruki Murakami level of sadness.
Only if you pop the one contact in when you need to look at a menu, then immediately pop it back out.
In college I sat some lectures by Richard Howard. He used a monocle when giving readings, and he had the gravitas and presence to pull it off. Most don't.
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