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San Francisco's Cable Car Clothiers is moving to Sutter Street (right down the block from the Hound and Alden) towards the end of the Summer, and are now having a 30%-70% sale.
This elicits a Haruki Murakami level of sadness.
Only if you pop the one contact in when you need to look at a menu, then immediately pop it back out.
In college I sat some lectures by Richard Howard. He used a monocle when giving readings, and he had the gravitas and presence to pull it off. Most don't.
It's true, it fit you pretty well. You'll have to send him cake.
So, you have a beard and a fixie now?
Given your premise, my books. They offer both textual and artefactual delights.
Those are gorgeous. The pegging is beautiful in and of itself.
Ian's shoelace site There are various ways to tie a bar or straight lace. Note in the pictures, your shoes have 5 pairs of eyelets, and the other photo have 6.
Off topic, but the bow looks a tad wide to my eye.
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