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This is the most compelling argument against wearing a watch I have seen so far.
There is contemporary research that points to the vermiform appendix as a repository for intestinal flora, so that it may be repopulated after some debilitating illness. As gut bacteria is essential to the overall health of the individual, I wouldn't count the disparaged appendix out quite so quickly, nor the top button.
Is the line of the lapel the whole though? It's part of the overall jacket. There is something about the button and hole, even if you don't quite see them. There is an elegance there, that I just can't see in a two button. One button, sure. That has a boldness that is it's own justification.I've got a number of two button jackets in my closet, but I can't see ever buying another, as much as I hate to say never.
Indeed. Mainly, I am not interested in infecting the rest of you with whatever I caught. I'll go home and curl up with some chicken soup and a nice rye. Too bad, I like the ELks, it's a nice place to visit, and I was looking forward to Hops and Hominy.
Edward Green, hands down.
I'm coming down with a cold, so no going out for me. Have fun guys.
Well, there is a pool in the basement.
bumpity bump
Since you are in the Bay area, you could have a look at http://cablecarclothiers.com/, they have a selection of canes and walking sticks.
Have either of you ever been involved in a startup? Or worked in technology at all?I do work in technology, I have worked at startups, and I have been the owner of a startup.Your primary concern is that you have the best coders on the ground running. If you are worried about what kind of pants and shirts they have on, you really are not cut out for that world.Marketing and sales people, when you get to that point, are a different matter, but you should be hiring...
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