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First, it was bought by a Limey department store. Then it was bought by Italians. They have become desperate to compete with Old Navy.
Pierre Corthay
Someone who knows more about the history of Lobb's will have to chime in. Mine are blind stamped, not gold stamped, for what it is worth, but that is the sort of thing to changes over time.I do not know if Lobb has a 1790 last. F1790 would seem to indicate it is a F fitting on a 1790 last. That's Lobb Paris, Lobb St. James are all bespoke, and I don't own any, never seen them in the flesh.
There is a marketing opportunity here for a one-piece that has it all.
If I am not mistaken, AE owns Woodlore. The trees are all the same. These are all better quality generic shoe trees, made of cedar. They are made with a left food and right foot. Less expensive trees may be completely generic, fitting either foot. They will work fine in your shoes. Just be sure to get the correct size.
$50? That's high.You can get them from The Alden Shop in San Francisco for $35.http://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=80&ParentID=2&PageID=&Action=I'm pretty sure they are Alden branded Woodlore, and you can get them from Woodlore for $25http://woodlore.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=woodlore&Product_Code=M-Combo-Shoe-Tree&Category_Code=Shoe-TreesYou can also pickup decent trees at a Nordstorms, if there is one near you, or at Allen...
You could ask here. What is your question?
There are people on the West Coast that like tailored clothing. The problem you are facing here is that many of those people are probably not reading Style Forum, at least on any regular basis. You might find a decent number of men in the Bay area who may be interested in Steed, but I have no idea how you would go about getting word out to them. Then there is the issue of how many have heard of Steed? The Venn overlap between Style Forum (as a vehicle for frothing up...
Purely preference, though some maintain dress shirts should not have a pocket. That is a holdover from a time when most men wore vests. More formal shirts certainly should not have a pocket. Personally, I tend to get shirts with barrel cuffs with a breast pocket, and shirts with french cuffs without.
That looks like a suit jacket.
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