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http://www.suppenkuche.com/ is great. I love their Sunday brunch.
It seems like a fair number of these meetups have ended up someplace with beer and schnitzel.Some day we need to do a meetup around Hayes Valley so we can end up a Suppenkuche.
Sounds fun.
Not sure I can make it this time around.
It was a nice evening, hot in San Francisco, good turnout at Cable Car, and later at the Irish Bank.
Just got back from seeing them, had a nice time.Ordered a fairly standard three piece, in a medium gray glen check with a subtle blue over check. I've managed to forget which cloth, but I think it was a Lesser, in around 11/12 oz.I also ordered 2 shirts.Matthew said they are busy enough this trip that they are going do four trips a year to SF.
I'm seeing them Sunday afternoon.
I will be there.
Sounds fun.
Send the message from another email address. I had an issue with email getting caught in a spam filter. I contacted them from another address and they added me to their white-list. Or you could simply phone them. Hong Kong Shop A2, 2/F., Burlington House, 94 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Phone : (852) 2366 9738, 2366 2634 Fax : (852) 2368 2194 Email: sales @ wwchan.com
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