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Sounds fun, I'll be there.
Patek, if those are not on the menu, I may have to eat elsewhere.
I hope you feel better soon. Sorry we missed you.
Which fabric is that? They had a book with a Greek name, I think, I saw something along those lines in there, it looked nice.
Gus, as always thanks for putting this together. Thanks also to Firehouse 8 for having us, what a great space, and thanks to McGregor and Max for hosting us. It was great to see everyone.
Wiener Schnitzel or Goulash. Decisions, decisions.
In that case, we need to end up at Absinthe.
http://www.suppenkuche.com/ is great. I love their Sunday brunch.
It seems like a fair number of these meetups have ended up someplace with beer and schnitzel.Some day we need to do a meetup around Hayes Valley so we can end up a Suppenkuche.
New Posts  All Forums: