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I'm going to see WW Chan, so I'm thinking Tsim Sha Tsui, but I'm open to advice on other areas. This is my first trip to HK, so I'll be doing lots of sightseeing (and eating!). Any suggestions on things to do and see is appreciated. I'll be visiting the Armory of course.
I'm planning on being in HK sometime in April, and am looking for recommendations for a vacation apartment. I prefer them to hotels. Say about a two week stay.
Not pilots.
Alfred Sargent Greaves http://alfredsargent.co.uk/exclusive-range/greaves/ I know I've seen others, just can't think what off the top of my head.
I believe he lacked that self involved sense of irony about everything. Also, I doubt he wore one of those annoying pseudo fedoras.
Burgundy shoes are kind of fun and not boring.
Might have. I doubt those sandals were black.
The inane prejudice against black shoes espoused by some members of this forum is boring.
3", 3.25", widths like that are not hard to find right now, and under a sweater or cardigan the widest point won't show. Those widths would probably look fine with your build, unless your head is unusually large.Personally, I like having a variety of widths. Sometimes a wider tie makes for a more interesting knot.
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