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Might have. I doubt those sandals were black.
The inane prejudice against black shoes espoused by some members of this forum is boring.
3", 3.25", widths like that are not hard to find right now, and under a sweater or cardigan the widest point won't show. Those widths would probably look fine with your build, unless your head is unusually large.Personally, I like having a variety of widths. Sometimes a wider tie makes for a more interesting knot.
How wide are your lapels? More or less match your lapel width, but don't get obsessive about it. 2.75" is pretty skinny.
Have the collar button shifted over, and sewn with a bit of shank.
I get an error on that link, but I think you are pointing to this suit:http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=418&Product_Id=1502071&Parent_Id=216&default_color=GREY&sort_by=§ioncolor=§ionsize=#Perfectly nice suit.Peak vs. notch lapel, in general, peak is more formal, but, on a 2 button single breasted suit, it's a little flashy. If it's what you like, that's OK, but I would personally make a 2BSB peak a 5th or 6th suit, not...
Is there a Brooks Brothers near you? The suits are better quality than a Boss, and they are on sale at the moment. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatSectionView.process?IWAction=Load&Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=418 Since you are not certain of your size, get measured, and try on suits in nearby sizes to see what works best. It shout fit in the shoulders, and with the jacket on, you should be able to hug yourself without any problem. A light to medium gray sounds fine for...
But how many refills? It's the number of repetitions that really makes this work, you know.
One suggestion, take a look at Brooks size guide http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=203&Product_Id=1420322&Sub_Product_Id=1420462&default_color=White&cmp=AFC_CJ_VigLink_Brooks+Brothers+Product+Catalog# Scroll down, they have complete measurements (chest, waist, length) for their various fits. A purely subjective observation, the wrist opening for the Brothers shirts runs large. My wrists are on the slim side, so I notice this.
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