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The dinner jacket with white vest, black tie, and shirt with a soft turndown collar was a nice look, it's too bad it didn't last. Same rig but with a stiff wing collar King of Jazz, 1930. Fun fact, this was an early two color process technicolor film.
Limeys vs. Yankees.
They will wear out much more quickly. Decent shoes, properly rotated and cared for, can last for many years. Even the best quality shoes, worn every day, will deteriorate in a few years at most. The sole and heel will wear quickly. The leather will never completely dry out, and will deteriorate. They will smell. They will probably be bad for your feet, between the damp and the wear. It's a waste of good money. They can be resoled, but only so many times. That will not...
A suit is a jacket and trousers, possibly also a waistcoat, made of the same cloth. You wouldn't wear the jacket with separate trousers. You are thinking of a sport coat or a blazer (same thing really, except a blazer is typically Navy, with gold or MOP buttons). Is this a school presentation? Work? Something else? Depending on the nature of the presentation, you might get away with getting a decent blazer and wearing it with khaki pants, good shoes. Either a Navy or...
Depends on how windy and how cold it is. When it's windy, I fasten all of them
Eason, thanks! I'll be in touch once I have coherent plans. Meeting locals is definitely a plus. Anyone have coffee recommendations? Will I have to get in touch with Phat Guido to find the best cappuccino in HK?
Again, thanks for the suggestions. Any suggestions on a good Shanghai style restaurant? Doesn't have to be fancy.
I think more that they had not yet developed the rigid checklists that are so prevalent on early 21st Century clothing forums. Also, there was still a lot more variation in men's clothing then we see today.
For what it's worth, a newspaper ad from The Pittsburgh Press - Nov 18, 1924 http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1144&dat=19241118&id=4yIbAAAAIBAJ&sjid=BEoEAAAAIBAJ&pg=2386,5211118 A line drawing (take with appropriate grains of salt) of a Kuppenheimer tuxedo, with flapped pockets. Interesting copy. adds from the 1910's to the 1920's. http://www.advertisingarchives.co.uk/index.php?service=search&action=do_quick_search&language=en&q=kuppenheimer
Thank you.
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