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Gebhard Leberecht von Bl├╝cher It's a shame to world didn't start calling them Leberechts.
Wear the suit. An interview is a formal occasion. Dressing correctly shows respect for them, respect for yourself, and that you take yourself seriously. If you ever end up interviewing with anyone who is going to discount you for dressing well, you should consider if they are someone you want to work with, because it indicates a lack of seriousness and maturity on their part. I interview people for software development positions at a company that is very informal....
I make no claim to being a decent photographer.
And yet, expectation and realization are not always one and the same. In any case, it was merely an observation of how nicely these lasted trees fit the shoe.Thank you, they are. I'm quite pleased with them.
I met with Chay from Alfred Sargent back in September at a Style Forum Ambassador event,, and ordered 2 pair of MTO Handgrade. They arrived yesterday. The lasted trees are lovely, they fit perfectly and slide in and out of the shoe like butter. The fit is very good, like a glove. Of course they are new, and a bit stiff, but I expect them to break in quickly. Le box (I know some...
What's to understand?
Actually, it is. I really like the place. It is exactly what it is, been there over 100 years.Edit: damn, now I'm jonesing for a steak.
I will say, Swan's is decent if you go early and don't stand in line. I wish their clam chowder were thicker. To make up for it they serve it with oyster crackers.
That would almost be worth watching.
The autoplay sappy music is a bad sign.The food is OK, but not amazing. It's pretty much an old school chop house. Lots of dark wood paneling and white table cloths, and too many tourists at times. The drinks are large and strong, if not inspired. I've had some decent steaks there (5A5 is better), and the lamb chops are good.
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