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I'm bowing out, I just found out some old school friends will be in town, and I'm taking them to dinner Friday. See you next time around.
See you there
Count me in for dinner, as well. Thanks Gus.
I'll be there. Will Pith Helmets be provided?
Gus, I'm a bit under the weather so will not make it tonight. Happy holidays everyone, see you next year.
I will attend.
Get one of the nice upholstery brocades.
In addition to a soft shoulder, you might want a swelled chest to balance your thin chest. Have a look at some of the stuff in the Anderson and Sheppard Expats thread for ideashttp://www.styleforum.net/t/67722/the-anderson-sheppard-expatriates-thread/0_100
Sounds fun, I'll be there.
Patek, if those are not on the menu, I may have to eat elsewhere.
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