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Can't make this one, I will be out of town. Have fun.
I'll try and make it.
I'm sorry I'll have to bow out this evening, I've come down with a cold. Have a good time, Zoetrope is such a lovely place.
See you there.
See you kids there.
I know P. Bateman is really passionate about this, and from the images I've seen, it looks like nice stuff. I look forward to seeing some of the fabrics in person, and I like the once piece collar. He's given some serious thought to producing a quality product that isn't just the same as dozens of other offerings.
And we are out
Bring the baby!
I'll have a Martini in his memory.
Sorry for the last minute. Let's have a "not a meetup" meetup in San Francisco, just get together for a casual drink. This evening, any time after 5PM,at the House of Shields.
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