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Has anyone tried on the Urban Cargo Sweats? Whats the fit like? Do they fit slim or loose? I'm usually a S but if its loose I was planning on ordering a kids XL
Up for sale is a RC alpine hoodie from the fall 2012 season purchased from Haven. Hoodie is barley worn and is in prestige condition. Let me know if you need more pics. Thanks for looking !
Mint Condition. Worn 3 times, decided its too big. Shipping Included. Let me know if you need more pictures. Thanks !
still available?
Used. From 08 season. You know the deal . Shipping to states is extra. Thanks
u got this from the sample sale for $50 didnt you
Wings Horns hoodie from 08 season. Very rare color. Excellent Condition No Flaws. Shipping to Usa will cost a lil extra. Please pm if you have any questions. Paypal Only.
Up for sale is a thermal pro hoodie from wings horns . These have been washed once but barley worn and is in excellent condition. I am located in Canada so shipping to Usa will cost a little extra. Shipping is not included in price. I accept paypal only. Basically same one as this but in Black.
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