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Time to get my first suit, parents are buying so price isn't really a problem. Anyways, I'm looking for something in dark grey that's trim fitting but not too skinny (It'll likely be worn in the South, no further north than DC). The Ludlow from J crew and Brooks Brothers Milano fit both seemed like decent bets but I'd appreciate any helpful advice/suggestions. Thanks.
Gift Card is worth $94, asking for 75 (the weird value is because I returned Christmas gifts). Not too keen on negotiating any lower but I'll listen to offers. Down at my family's bay house right now so I don't have the receipt, but I should be able to post a photo of it in a day or two if that makes anyone feel more comfortable. I can also mail the gift card, or if you prefer, PM you the code. Either way is fine by me. Everything through PayPal.
Looking to pick up a pair to wear in the city for the rest of summer. I already have a pair of 993's in grey but I'm looking for something a little less boring (though still paired with a pocket t and probably calf socks). What do y'all recommend?
I also am willing to negotiate, so feel free to send me offers
Three Cards in total, two worth fifty each, one worth 39.95. I will ship them but honestly I'd prefer to just email you the card and pin numbers. I would also prefer payment through paypal. Thanks
Would it be too much trouble for you to post the specific measurements?
Quick question - what would be a good suit to buy as a college student of limited means? Thinking something in the
Hey all, debating whether or not to order the new black garbadine trousers that just came out for fall 2012. Just wondering, if I'm a size 30 waist, do y'all think I should go for the Small or XS (especially if I want a slimmer fit...)?
Measurements are as follows Pit to Pit 19" Front collar to bottom 23" Back collar to bottom 25" I'm 5'11 and 140 and the sweater fits me perfectly. It's a size small. More pictures to be uploaded by the end of the day
For sale is a barely worn, dark brown California Winter from South Willard (made be Crescent Down Works). It's marked a size XXS but fits like a 36 blazer would. It's also lined with a soft, light wool. A great piece, practically new, for significantly cheaper. I'm kinda in need of beer money so I'm selling off some rarely worn pieces, make sure to check out other stuff listed. For the time being, here's a stock photo. I'll try to get other's uploaded but the jacket is...
New Posts  All Forums: